New job!!🍺

A few days ago I got a new job as a bartender and waitress at Shenannigans, which is one of the main pubs here in Darwin. I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s super easy to find a job here in Australia. I gave them my resume and talked to the manager and convinced her that I was the one for the job, and the day after I had a trial which means that you work for 3-4 h to show them what you’ve got. I’m gonna work approximately 25-30 h a week to start with and its $26 an hour (=165 SEK), plus tips. The wages is average really good here in Australia and I’m super excited to start working!



Today we went to a place called the quarry which is an old mine where the water’s all green and you can jump from the cliffs around it. Only us there and we were in the water for about 3h, so nice and refreshing!   

Later a friend came over to cook us some thai food and we went down to the lake just around the corner from our house where some of our other friends were wake boarding. Can’t say our days are too hard atm 😉