The world trip

In no particular order

~ Working holiday in Australia (2 years) ✔️

~ Backpack through Bali and the Gili islands (1 month) ✔️

~ Working holiday in New Zeeland (1 year)

~ Roadtrip through the U.S (3-6 months) 

~ Working holiday in Canada (1 year)

~ Travel Europe by boat and train (3 months)

~ Backpack through all of Asia (6 months)

~ Backpack through Central and South America (6 months)

~ Live in London (1 year) 

~ College in the U.S (1-2 years) 

~ Volunteer work in Africa (6 months)

~ Every place we’ve missed along the way 

We don’t know when, we don’t know how but we’re going to do it! People always question how we’ll afford it and how we’ll make it but by staying positive and believing we’ll continue living the dream and travel the world.

Pic from Gili Trawangan, Bali



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