North or south

The last few days we have been trying to decide what to do. At first we were planning on staying in Broome, and although we really liked it there it just didn’t feel right. So Ellen left for Kununurra to later come down to Perth and I went straight here to look for a job. And now, it doesn’t feel right here either, haha. So we have no idea what to do! And it’s so exciting!! We have to find a place we really like so we can meet up again and start working, and right now we’re thinking about Darwin, but we’re not sure. But I’m thinking about going to Melbourne & Sydney first, or, travel the west coast up to Darwin by car, or, go to Kununurra and visit our lovely friends, or… The list can go on forever and there’s so many things running through my head right now. In the end it will probably be a spontaneous decision (like always) but I know that it will be so good no matter what!🌞 I love to have the whole world in front of me and just take life step by step. We’ll see what tomorrow will bring. 




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