Another one of my favourite places here in Australia is just three hours south of Sydney, called Bendalong. Me and Jennifer went there for the first time with two friends that used to come there every summer when they were small. One of them had the cutest beach house that we stayed in for two nights. I also went to Bendalong with Ingrid once and slept at a parking lot, not as fancy but fun haha.

First of all driving there is absolutely beautiful along the grand pacific drive, stunning views and we always love a road trip! In Bendalong there’s a lot of beaches, most of them with no people at all and it’s so hard to believe it’s that close to Sydney. It is paradise. On one of the beaches the water is extremely clear and there’s plenty of huge stingrays swimming around close to shore. A lot of people are scared of them but they’re actually very friendly! There’s also a spot called the blue pools or something like that where you can only go at low tide and pools appear just above the ocean! Lots of fish, shells, starfish and octopuses stays in the wholes and you can see them really close up. Super cool! At sunset we made a bonfire at a beach and had a barbecue followed by a few hours of star gazing. That trip was just magical, and with the best company. We had so much fun!! One of my favorite trips in Australia so far.  




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